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Frequently Asked Questions about On-line Ordering and Gift Cards.

On-Line Ordering

The Battery Cafe offers a limited on-line menu,

for pickup only; no delivery.

Our on-line menu contains our hot drinks, prepared foods and baked goods, cold drinks, coffee filters and basic coffee beans. It does not yet include specials, merchandise or catering.

Orders are paid for up front, and will be ready for pickup in 20 minutes.

How much can I order on-line at once?

You can order as much as you want, but if the order is too large for the kitchen to prepare within the pickup time frame (20 mins), it may be declined. 

For larger catering orders please contact

How can I check my gift card balance?

You can check it on your phone by Scanning the QR code.  You can also check it here

Can I order for delivery?

At this point we do not have a delivery option.

Is my Credit Card information safe?

Yes your Credit Card information is stored byTouchbistro, and is PCI Compliant. 

Gift Cards

The Battery cafe offers both Digital (on-line) and Physical Gift cards. 

Are my old (cardboard) Battery Cafe Gift Cards still valid?

Yes they can still be redeemed in store

Can Physical Gift cards be used for On-Line purchases?


No, Physical Gift Cards can only be used for in-store purchases

Can I refund a purchase back onto my gift card?


Yes. However refunds can only be done in-store. 

How do Digital Gift Cards work?


You can purchase a digital gift card in-store or via our mobile app. Digital gift cards are sent via email with a QR code, which can be read by our ipads in-store. 


Please note that Digital Gift Card sales are final, and recipient information cannot be edited after the purchase has been completed. Make sure to double check the email address and gift card amount before purchasing a digital gift card.

Can Digital Gift Cards be used for in-store purchases?


Yes, Digital Gift Cards can be used for both on-line and in-store purchases.

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