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Barista Training

Want to improve your coffee game? Try one of our "Behind the Bar" barista training courses. Take one or both to learn how to make an excellent cup of coffee. 

For you or the coffee lover in your life!

1. Home Brewing Methods

Where you'll learn how to make a cup at home taste as good as a cup at the cafe. Learn about grind, roast, coffee quality, brew ratios, timing and other tips while using the Chemex brewers, Aeropress, french press, and more.


2. Latte Art
Where you'll learn how to properly steam/texture milk and make your lattes not only taste good but look good as well!

Courses last 2 hours and are taught in person at the cafe by one of our senior baristas between October and May. Contact us for more details: (709) 722-9167 or

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