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Like many of you, we at the Battery Café are concerned about the health of our planet in general, and of our local environment in particular.

In early 2020 we engaged Planeet Consulting to perform a trash audit on our premises, and give us guidance on how we could become a more sustainable business.

With their input and some ideas from our own staff and customers, we have implemented the following sustainable practices:


  • We use previously owned cups and plates for indoor dining.

  • We sell coffee beans in bulk, into your own reusable container.

  • Our used coffee grounds are saved for compost and provided free to the community.

  • We separate our organic waste into a compost bin and have it picked up weekly.

  • We sell reusable drink containers and offer discounts to customers who use reusable drink or food containers.

  • We have switched from plastic to wooden takeaway cutlery.

  • We have switched from plastic to paper straws, and also offer sippy lids for cold drinks to minimize straw use.

  • We have separated our cardboard and paper recycling from our plastics and glass, to avoid contamination.  

  • We consolidate our garbage and recycling daily, to minimize our use of plastic garbage and recycling bags.

  • We provide recycling and compost bins for customers.


These measures require some extra effort and investment on our part, but we feel that our planet and environment are worth it.

There is still much to do, and we welcome suggestions on how we can become a more sustainable operation.  

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