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Serve Delicious Food and the Best Coffee in Town!


The Battery Cafe can cater your next meeting or event in St. John's.


Email us at for more info.

We can provide most items on Our Menu, for delivery or pickup.  

  • Coffee & Tea 

  • Baked Goods

  • Soups Made From Scratch

  • Sandwiches

  • Salads

  • Special Items - Just Ask!

Catering Menu

In addition to our regular menu items we offer these catering options:

  • Coffee Urns hold between 10 x 12 oz cups of coffee and cost $23 each. We can provide a combination of light roast, dark roast or decaf. 

  • Tea urns come with Tetley tea bags and contain hot water for 10 x12 oz cups, for $11.

  • Coffee supplies (cups, milk, cream, sugar, sweetener, etc) are $14 for every 2 urns. 

  • We can deliver and pickup as well, within St. John's itself, for $12 each. 


Space Rental 


  • You can rent our downstairs space from 5:30-9:00 pm, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday for $75 / hour (starting at 5:30) or $150 / night. This Includes sound equipment and 2 baristas who can serve drinks and snacks, and clean up afterwards.

  • Our kitchen closes at 5:00, but you can ordering catering if you like.


  • Catering orders received outside of 8am-5pm Mon-Fri will be answered the next business day. 

  • A 10% greatuity is added to every catering order.

  • For orders over $100 we request payment up front.

  • Effective January 2024 our delivery and pickup charges will be based on zones.

    • Zone 1  (within Barters Hill, Mayor/Bonaventure ave, Elizabeth Ave, East White Hills Drive) - $12

    • Zone 2 (within  Columbus Drive, Blackmarsh Rd, Team Gushue highway, TCH and East White Hills Rd) - $20

    • We cannot guarantee delivery beyond Zone 2

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